El Salvador – Nombre de Dios – black honey

Origin: El Salvador, St. Ana, Metallpan Mountain Range
Farmer: Nombre de Dios – Maria & Javier Botto
Variety: Arabica Bourbon
Processed: black honey processing
Cupping Notes: Coffeecherry-sweetness, dried fruits, sweet Brioche, sugar cane, full body, long lingering
Roast: medium to light espresso roast



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I visited Maria Botto’s farm some years ago after my friend John Arild Stubberud from Kaffee-Alchemie introduced us.
Maria runs the farm with her two sons Javier and Alexandre. They do a really great job improving the quality of the beans and developing new processing methods. Their coffee has made top rankings in Cup of Excellence in El Salvador.
Visiting their farm was a wonderful experience. We walked for hours thru the blooming fields of coffee, hypnotized by the jasmine like scent of the blossoms. Nombre de Dios got his name from Maria’s father, who was one of the workers who built the streets up on the volcanic mountains. He got this peace of land and decided to grow coffee. With every plant he pushed into the soil he mumbled „nombre de dios“ (in the name of the father)
Maria and Javier are very active now in the speciality coffee scene. They travel to championships, volunteer as judges… 2012 they have been in Austria, too, and we spend some time on the glacier and summer-sledging…. instead of some typical Austrian chocolates Javier brought home some electric wire fence for his cows cause he found it cheap here 😀
The coffees I buy since our first encounter and I am proud to import them directly. Maria lets me choose between Caturra and Bourbons and I get them washed, natural dried and honey processed. You find them all in a perfect blend called „MOO“.

But for now, let’s try this wonderful black honey processed Bourbon as Single Variety coffee for your espresso machine…..

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Gewicht 250 g
Größe 21 x 19 cm
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