Cup of Excellence Rwanda 2013

Being a Cup of Excellence jury member is a very special honor. We get the best coffees of the country on the table and judge them blind over 5 days. Coffees with 85 Points and more will be auctioned on a special day and reach very high prices. 85% of the sales stays with the farmer.

As usual when you travel to a poor country you want to bring something useful to the kids who probably beg for money on every corner. So we asked what they really need in the area. Soon we got noticed that a nearby school needs tables and benches. The local carpenter makes these for 60 U$D. So we all collected money and made it to 60 tables plus 2 more from the carpenter!

It was a big celebration when the kids got their first delivery. The dances and singing was so sweet!

Rwanda is a beautiful country with very friendly open hearted people who had a hard time after the Genozid that killed almost all their parents. Every fifth person you see has scars from horrible wounds. They used to be several tribes but still one nation dancing and singing together. Some were hunters, some farmers….until the church came and split them apart. Some greedy European countries did the rest and the genozide was programmed.
It’s amazing how positiv they are, looking forward to a better future.

The coffee is almost 100% Arabica Bourbon species. Due to the monocultures one of the biggest enemy is the potato defect. Even the best, most expenzsivest coffees can have one bean that smells like a potato. Sometimes you smell it when you grind a portion. Throw that portion away, the end tone will be fine again.

But most coffees are just unbelievable amazing and worth the money, even if one or two beans might be „potato“.

Some more photos of the dancing and celebrating