Seattle Blend & David Schomer

When I started to experiment with coffee, David Schomer was my guru, my role model. His experiments with grind sizes, tamp pressure and temperature motivated the technical freak in me to approach coffee from the chemistry and physics side first. I started repairing old coffee machines and learned to adjust them to each coffee until I found the right parameters for each variety. Today this is the base of my Barista and Roaster Trainings in the Vienna School of Coffee.
Before opening my coffeeshop 2004 I visited Seattle, the birth town of modern coffeeshops, and Schomers Blend „Espresso Vita“ was truly the best I have ever drunk til then. Later, as a newbie Coffeeroaster, I managed to create a blend that reminded me so strong on that cappuccino I drank at Schomer’s Vivace, that I named it „Seattle Blend“. It is still one of my most sold blends today 🙂
Read more about David and his 30th anniversary of Vivace here.